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A Warning for the Future?

Citizens Against Government Waste is set to run a national campaign meant to address our nation’s spending addiction. Chances are you won’t see the ad on the major networks as they will probably take the same stance they did on a similar national campaign ad that was produced by W.R. Grace & Co. in 1986 and was only seen on cable because it was deemed “too controversial”.

Via the CAGW:

The new ad is part of an ongoing communications program in CAGW’s decades-long fight against wasteful government spending, increased taxes, out-of-control deficit spending, and a crippling national debt that threatens the future and survival of our country. CAGW plans to run the ad on major cable networks throughout the rest of 2010 and into 2011.

Think it’s too far out there? Consider who is the major foreign holders of treasury securities (in billions of dollars

Dec 2009
Jun 2009
Dec 2008

SOURCE: US Treasury

China, Mainland 894.8 915.8 727.4
Japan 765.7 708.2 626
Oil Exporters 207.4 211.8 186.2
United Kingdom 178 89 130.9
Brazil 169.3 148.5 127
Hong Kong 148.7 95.7 77.2
Russia 141.8 143.3 116.4

Doesn’t seem too far out there now does it.

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