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My Views On Abortion

*The following was my opening monologue to start my internet radio show “Gillespie” airing Tuesdays at 7pm on  In case you miss the show I will be posting these here every Wednesday following the Tuesday show.*

I’m going to open tonight’s show with a difficult topic, one that often sharply divides men and women, Republicans and Democrats, Liberals and Conservatives, believers and non-believers and even husband and wife.

That topic is “the A-word”, the topic that’s guaranteed to fire up more impassioned debate than any other.

I’m going to state at the very beginning of this discussion that I am a Christian. I believe that God became man in the form of his son, Jesus Christ and that Jesus lived as a man, fully blameless, who then died an agonizing death in order to spare me from eternity in darkness. If that sounds like a strong and definitive declaration of my personal faith, that’s because it was intended to.

Beyond that, I believe God created man in His own image, and that process begins in the precious womb of the mother. Because of that belief, I am a staunchly committed pro-lifer.

I’m also curious about those who make the same declaration of faith that I just did, and then go ahead (often in the same sentence) and state that they have no concerns regarding man destroying God’s image in the name of “a woman’s right to choose”. And by the way, feel free to refer to me as being “anti-choice”, but until the day comes that an infant in the womb is able to choose whether they wish to be cruelly torn from their sanctuary and suctioned into pieces, all in the name of preserving someone else’s “right to choose”, I’ll stand by my belief in protecting His most precious creation.

But, as someone who believes that our leaders are often a symbol of our own views, I’m greatly disturbed by the fact that our current president, Barack Obama, is literally the most pro-abortion politician ever elected into high office in the history of this nation. Yes, I said it: the most pro-abortion politician ever elected into high office in the history of this nation.

I picked this topic after watching this video (which is also posted on that shows yet another Planned Parenthood worker lying to yet another potential patient.

This latest video is beyond the normal ones we’ve been seeing where Planned Parenthood covers up cases of child rape and incest.  As you see in the video, the abortion “counselor” (Counselor being a term I used very loosely) does her best to make the planned murder of a child to be as clinical and antiseptic as absolutely possible.

This so-called “counselor” does ensure that the term “fetus” is used in the discussion in such a way as to make you (and presumably the mother) believe that there’s just an offensive piece of tissue that needs removal. I am forced to point out that at one point the mother asks “so, it’s not like a person?” To which the so-called “counselor” responds “no”.

Why am I bringing this up in association with our current president? Well, it’s because we look to our leaders to set a tone for our society. When Jimmy Carter was president, things were very dark and dreary with a depressing mood about the nation. Ronald Reagan fixed that and turned things around 180 degrees. The Clinton presidency did more to lower our moral standards as a society than any other leader in modern history.

As a member of the Illinois State Senate, Barack Obama voted against (and some say campaigned heavily against) a bill that would require medical professionals to give aid to babies who managed to survive the abortionist’s vacuum. Up until that point, there existed in Illinois hospitals and abortion clinics barbaric rooms euphemistically known as “comfort rooms” were babies who were victims of this procedure were taken and literally left to die. Let me repeat that: they were brought to this room and literally left to die.

There was a bill in the Illinois State Senate that would’ve required medical professionals to provide aid to victims who managed to survive their own attempted murder. State Senator Barack Obama voted against this bill…repeatedly, most assuredly going home and hugging his own beautiful daughters with that blood metaphorically on his hands.

To make matters even worse, he’s blatantly lied about Federal funding for abortions. Yes, I said lied. You may recall outgoing Michigan Congressman Bart Stupak held up his vote for ObamaCare on the premise that no Federal funds go towards funding abortions. Then, Stupak seemed to get an agreement from the president that soothed his conscience and the rest his history. In fact, President Obama’s statement that was issued right before he signed the Executive Order banning ObamaCare funds for abortion said, in part:

“…and that the health care legislation’s restrictions against the public funding of abortions cannot be circumvented.”

Now I know “circumvented” is a big word for this president, but essentially this statement is intended to declare that there isn’t any wording in the ObamaCare bill that would allow the Federal Government to fund abortions through any back-door approach.

The problem with that statement is that it’s a complete and total lie, and The White House knows it lied. You see, just recently the Federal Government approved the use of $160 million in Federal funds which will directly fund abortions through President Obama’s recently enacted health care law. This is the first known instance of direct federal funding of abortion through what is called the “high risk insurance pools.” Pennsylvania has already received approval from the Obama Administration to use the funds to provide abortions to pool participants; the abortion funding is available immediately. I guess one has to be a former Community Organizer to believe that there is a prohibition on funding abortions through ObamaCare and the recent approval to do that very thing.

Ladies and gentleman, let me make this very clear. Just as the lowered standards of morality and decency have remained in our society long after Bill Clinton left office, my greatest fear is that this culture of death and complete disregard for the most wondrous of God’s creations will live on as Barack Obama’s longest lasting legacy, long after a Republican President leads us out of our current fiscal insanity upon taking office in 2013. May God have mercy on us for using a handful of slick marketing slogans give cover for the destruction of His most precious gift.

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