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Thomas Cook and I Do a Battle Royale About Mitch Daniels

Thomas Cook and I debated the merits of a potential Mitch Daniels candidacy for President in 2012 on Fox 59’s “Face Off” segment. We were put in a boxing ring (no, I’m not kidding) in the studio and told to “duke it out”. We ended up arguing this topic for close to 23 minutes before we were finally told to stop. If you want to see the entire unedited debate, you can check it out here.

One side note to the debate, I realized afterward that Mitch Daniels was actually born in Monongahela, Pennsylvania and not in Indiana as I had asserted. But that particular comment didn’t have anything to do with the overall debate.

Anyway, enjoy the video and make sure to take part in the poll on the right hand side.


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