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“Josh radically changed the Indiana blogosphere when HoosierAccess went live. Where before blogs were little more than an amateur collection of rants, Josh dramatically raised the level of the debate and brought a much-lacking degree of respect and consideration. is the leading political blog for a reason. From my viewpoint, that reason is Josh Gillespie.” – Jacob Perry, Political and Small Business Consultant, Jacob Perry Group

Josh is the voice of the conservative Young Republican. “Gillespie’s Indiana Daily” is the “Drudge Report’ of twitter for Hoosiers.  Additionally, the website he founded, HoosierAccess, is one of the main sites I go to on a daily basis to get conservative political opinion. He’s branched out in message delivery…not your grandpa’s messanger. As a former YR District officer he gets todays Young Republican message. – Daniel Kinnamon, Chairman Indiana Federation of Young Republicans

Over the last 3 years in my involvement with FTR Radio I have had the pleasure to have met many good and decent people across the country who have been willing  to help spread the word about the concerns many of us have about the direction of the country. Josh Gillespie has been one of these people. His depth of knowledge on a wide range of issues and his ability to communicate it with his audience effectively  on FTR Radio has been a great source of information for many of FTR Radio’s listeners. I personally look forward to working with Josh in the years to come and to continue building on a foundation that has been laid to try and leave this country a lil better off than what we found her in. – Thomas LaDuke, Executive Director, 

“Josh is not only knowledgeable on many public policy issues, but has a quick wit and an inviting writing style as well. I have had very positive professional interactions with Josh from his time at HoosierAccess through his time on Congressman Burton’s staff. Josh conducts his professional life with excellence and has a dedication to personal moral excellence to match. I would highly recommend any future employers to add Josh to their team and look forward to the opportunity to partner with him in some way during is present and future endeavors.” – Ryan McCann, Director of Operations and Public Policy, Indiana Family Institute

“Josh has a great talent for marketing and promotion, particularly when those functions involve the world of Hoosier politics. He has developed an extensive network and builds solid relationships with influential people all across the political spectrum. He is able to maintain these relationships by maintaining a high level of integrity. It’s my great pleasure to know Josh and I really enjoy working with him on joint projects.” – Derek Pillie, Campaign Coordinator, Souder for Congress

“Josh performed some work for me in 2009. He was diligent, trustworthy, and made sure the work got done on deadline.” – Kurt Luidhardt, Vice President of the The Prosper Group

“In a room full of amateurs, Josh was the only adult. He brought a level of sophistication and professionalism that was sorely lacking, particularly due to weak management from yours truly. Josh is a skilled pro and brings a great deal to any venture. If I were insane enough to ever run for office, I wouldn’t consider it any further if Josh were not by my side.” – Jacob Perry, Campaign Manager, Horning for Congress

Portfolio: – Indiana’s premier conservative blog and named by The Washington Post as one of the best state-based politicalblogs in the country.

Stop Governing Like This – A bi-partisan grassroots policy blog developed to promote the local government reform agenda of set about by the Kernan-Shepard report.

Gillespie Total Strategies, LLC – Provided comprehensive political consulting, social media strategies for business and political clients and implemented public relations campaigns.

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