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ICYMI: My Interview with @DerekWebb

It was my extreme pleasure to break from a normal political podcast that my co-host Susie Moore and I do every week and invite onto the show one of my all time musical influences in singer/songwriter Derek Webb. Derek is someone I have wanted to interview for a long time, but never really had an […]

Our 9/11 Tribute Show with @JedediahBila and @MarkRadulich

[podcast][/podcast] On Episode 29 of Season 2 of Gillespie, we pay tribute to September 11th.  Susie Moore and I  remember the lives lost, the sacrifices made and those who stood up to tyranny.  We also talk about our experiences that fateful day.  Our guests include author and frequent guest on Fox News’ Red Eye (as […]

It's the GOP Convention Recap Show feat. Larry O'Conner and Dina Fraioli

[podcast][/podcast] Episode 28 of Season 2 of Gillespie is our GOP Convention recap show!   Susie and I talk with Larry O’Connor, Editor in Chief of Breitbart.TV and host of the Larry O’Connor Show.  We also chat with one of our show favorites, Dina Fraioli who gives her impression of what the Democrats have in […]

Season 2 Episode 27 of “Gillespie” on feat. AFP President Tim Phillips and Duane Lester

[podcast][/podcast] On Episode 27 of Season 2 of Gillespie, Susie and I talk with the President of Americans for Prosperity (AFP), Tim Phillips.  We chat about their latest swing state ad campaigns as well the work that AFP is doing in its state chapters. Then, we talk with Duane Lester, Editor in Chief of and founder of All American Blogger about the […]

Season 2 Episode 26 of “Gillespie” on feat. Sean Hackbarth

[podcast][/podcast] On Episode 26 of Season 2 of Gillespie, my co-host Susie Moore and I talked with author of and Wisconsin native, Sean Hackbarth.  Sean engaged us on the topics of Paul Ryan, the Green Bay Packers and the holy triumvirate known as RUSH (the band)!  We also spoke with Seth Morgan who is […]

Season 2 Episode 25 of “Gillespie” on feat. Mike Pence and Richard Mourdock

[podcast][/podcast] On Episode 25 of Season 2 of Gillespie is a big one!  Mark, Susie and I talk with Mike Pence, who is running for Governor of Indiana, U.S. Senate Candidate Richard Mourdock and Communications Director for the Indiana State GOP and former White House Deputy Press Secretary under President George W. Bush, Pete Seat.  […]

Season 2 Episode 24 of “Gillespie” on; now with @SmoosieQ!

[podcast][/podcast] On Episode 24 of Season 2 of Gillespie we officially welcome Susie Moore (aka the @SmoosieQ) to our cast of characters, plus we chat about the uproar over Chick-Fil-A as well as the apparently gun shy President Obama. Missed previous episodes and want to catch up? Check out the archive here or subscribe on […]