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It's Time to Fire Baron Hill Again

Hm, Baron Hill.  He supported: Cap and Trade Obamacare The failing stimulus package (hey Baron, where are the jobs?) …and unemployment has been at or over 9.5% for 15 straight months.  Baron Hill was re-elected to Congress in 2006.  For those in the 9th Congressional District, are you better off today than you were when […]

The Economically Devastating Legacy of Joe Donnelly

Many (still) want to blame George W. Bush for the current state of economy.  Aside from the fact that couldn’t be further from the truth, Democrats like Joe Donnelly (Baron Hill and Brad Ellsworth) tend to want to forget that Democrats took control of Congress after the 2006 mid-term elections.  What liberals like Joe need […]

The Economy Can't Take Two More Years of Baron Hill

Baron Hill offers up some real gems sometimes. Recently, in an interview with the Louisville Journal and Courier Baron gave, what I can only call, a priceless (and boneheaded) quote: Hill told The Courier-Journal of Louisville, Ky., on Tuesday that Democrats should be booted from office in 2012 if the unemployment rate hasn’t declined to […]

Coats Shows Strong Polling and FEC Numbers

This is looking like a great week for Dan Coats.  First, he received healthy support from Hoosiers in a recent Rasmussen poll released this week (Isn’t that the same Rasmussen Democrats claim is biased towards Republicans?  Oh wait.): The latest Rasmussen Reports telephone survey of Likely Voters in the state finds Coats with 51% support, […]

One Thing is For Sure, Brad Ellsworth Knows His Bull

Brad Ellsworth has started airing ads to remind Democrats he’s the Democrat candidate for senate.  He’s primarily running his ad in northwest Indiana.  Some might see that as reassuring his base.  But one has to wonder why he has to start so early in reassuring that base.  Is there something about which to be concerned? […]