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It's Not Just One Poll, It's a Trend for Mitt Romney **Update – Romney Leads in FL. & VA.**

Liberals in America are in full on freak out mode after President Obama’s dismal performance last week in the first presidential debate.  Now, I’ll be the first to admit that one debate, especially the first debate, does not make an election.  However, Mitt Romney has successfully changed the narrative after one debate and not just […]

Debating Super Tuesday Results

This past week was Super Tuesday except it wasn’t so super.  Mitt Romney picked up a key, but slim victory in Ohio, but that was tempered by the fact that Rick Santorum failed to get on the ballot in three congressional districts.  Does Santorum win Ohio if he’s on all the ballots?  Newt Gingrich won […]

Recapping the GOP Debate As Observed Through Twitter

Or, I could title the post “Recapping a Debate I didn’t even watch” and while technically true, I followed most of it via Twitter. Hey, I’m a social media guy and since I don’t have cable (for the CNN Debate…seriously, they want more people to watch, why not put more of these on regular television. […]