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Coats Shows Strong Polling and FEC Numbers

This is looking like a great week for Dan Coats.  First, he received healthy support from Hoosiers in a recent Rasmussen poll released this week (Isn’t that the same Rasmussen Democrats claim is biased towards Republicans?  Oh wait.):

The latest Rasmussen Reports telephone survey of Likely Voters in the state finds Coats with 51% support, while Ellsworth earns 30% of the vote, his poorest showing to date. Six percent (6%) favor some other candidate in the race, while 12% remain undecided.

…and second, his latest FEC reports show that Coats isn’t just receiving polling support, but financial support from Hoosiers as well.

According to campaign finance reports to be filed Thursday, Coats has raised $1,501,132.63 from 2,045 individual supporters, and ends the quarter with $1,060,737.50 on hand.

Seventy-one percent of Coats’ contributions came from Hoosiers and sixty-two percent came in the form of small donations from supporters who gave less than $200.

(Emphasis mine.)

It would appear that Hoosiers are fed up with the former Sheriff turned two term current Congressman (shhh, he doesn’t want you to know that last part).  That, or they just don’t know who the guy is.  But once voters find out that Democrats:

  1. Chose their candidate behind closed doors keeping him out of primary open to the public as Evan Bayh “conveniently decided against running” days before the filing deadline
  2. Chose a guy who voted for Obama’s government takeover of health care (oh yeah, that whole “there will be no federal funding of abortions” that Ellsworth said wasn’t in the bill?  It’s in the bill)
  3. Chose a guy that voted for the Bush and Obama bailouts
  4. Chose a guy who supported the (still failing) Obama stimulus package that wasn’t supposed to let unemployment go over nine percent and was supposed to create more private sector jobs than government jobs (Oh wait!)AND
  5. Chose a guy who has supported record setting deficit budgets.

…I’m sure they uber-pleased with their choice.  But as they say on TV “WAIT!!  There’s more!”

Did I mention how Brad Ellsworth  was “gifted” $1 million dollars to begin his campaign from Evan Bayh (via the State Party)?  Did I mention how Brad Ellsworth tries to chastise Dan Coats for being in the pocket of special interests, but fled to Canada (Vancouver to be exact) with his pal Harry Reid and others to take money from the American Association for Justice (formerly the Association of Trial Lawyers of America)?  Did I mention how Brad Ellsworth did this just days after he released a tv ad attacking lobbyists and special interests?  And here’s an interesting question?  Why would “American” associations have to hold a fundraiser for Brad Ellsworth and his liberal pals in Canada?  While it may not be illegal to take money from Americans in a foreign country it is illegal to accept donations from foreigners (in this case, Canadians) for a federal campaign.  It would be interesting to see who was on that fundraisers guest list.

The more Hoosiers find out about Brad Ellsworth, the more they will wish they didn’t know.

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