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If You Want to Be a State Legislator, Better Know the Basics About the Legislature

Meet Thomas Webber.  He’s the Democrat running against Ed Soliday up in Northwest Indiana.  Mr. Webber thinks there needs to be more lawyers in the general assembly.  Seriously, who can’t agree with that (insert sarcastic “HA!” here).  Mr. Webber is also of the belief that there are 250 members of the Indiana General Assembly.  What?!?

Maybe not every Hoosier may know that only 150 serve in the Indiana General Assembly.  But one might think to check the website for the General Assembly where you can find this bit of information:

The current makeup of the General Assembly, consisting of 100 Representatives serving 2-year terms and 50 senators serving 4-year terms, was established in the Constitution of 1851.

(Emphasis added was my own)

I don’t know about the people of the Northwest Indiana, but I’d like my legislator to know at least the simple makeup of the Assembly before they start working on the state budget. Seems pretty simple to me.

Vote for Ed Soliday.

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