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State House Democrats Plan: “I’ve got notes, man!”

In the spirit of fairness, I thought I’d share with you with the the plan that House Speaker Pat Bauer and the State House Democrats plan to offer.  I know they offered their plan a while back, but since I just did a whole series on the Republican plan it only seems fair to cover theirs as well.  But first, let me refer to what Matt Tully said about Bauer and the Democrat’s plan:

Maybe they were having a bad day. A really bad day.

That’s what I kept thinking last week during an hourlong meeting with Indiana House Speaker Pat Bauer and House Ways and Means Chairman Bill Crawford — an hour now in the running for My Biggest Waste of 60 Minutes This Year. Unless I end up watching an episode of “Jersey Shore” at some point, last week’s meeting will likely win the prize.

The two leading Democrats had asked to meet with a group of reporters and editors from The Star. It seemed like a good opportunity to talk about the upcoming House elections, and the ramifications that the outcomes of those races will have on the final two years of Gov. Mitch Daniels’ administration. I looked forward to hearing Bauer in particular share his views about the importance of Democratic control of the House.

But they arrived with little to say. Bauer started the meeting by pulling out a few pieces of scrap paper on which he had scribbled a few words.

“I’ve got notes, man!” he declared.

That’s all he had.

Ouch. Well, I guess that about covers that.

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