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The Use of Social Media and the Grassroots

In recent years, I’ve been asked to address the Indiana Leadership Forum (ILF) on the use of social media and he grassroots.  As an ILF grad (Class of ’08) it’s something I love to do.  As I put this year’s presentation together, it really hit me just how much social media will be influencing the election cycle this year.  In fact, I wanted to record my presentation to share here, but it ended up not working out.  Instead,  I’ll share my presentation and say that if you’d like to know more or have me present this information to your campaign or organization, contact me here.

A few highlights and stats to consider though:

Social media is clearly having its impact.  It will never replace boots on the ground, but social media users are a growing segment of society and the electorate, are actively engaged in politics and ready to be targeted and empowered.

Use of New Media in Grassroots Campaigning (2012 Version)

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Contact me if you’d like me to present this presentation to your campaign or organization.

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