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The Other Side of the White House White Board

It’s election season and the Obama administration is already seeing the writing on the wall.  The hemorrhaging of Democratically held House seats could reach epic proportions on election day and even the Senate might not be safe.  So what is the White House to do?  Throw out Economic Adviser Austan Goolsbee with his white board to remind the (they’re hoping) mindless masses to eat up their message on the economy and jobs.  The problem with Professor Goolsbee’s explanation is that he only gives a portion of the picture.  And of course that portion would make only the Obama administration look good and still try to beat the dead horse that is “the Stimulus Package worked!  I swear it did!”.

But as is often the situation with the Obama administration, those pesky facts get in the way.  Check out the very first video from Economic Adviser to President George W. Bush Keith Hennessy putting Professor Goolsbee’s entire presentation in it’s proper context.  It’s an eye opener, yet something that electorate actually know.  Jobs are scarce and it’s not getting any better.

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