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Sorry, it’s been since before the election since I updated  Clearly a failure on my part.  But, in my defense I got a promotion at my job and I’ve been a little busy.  That said, I’m not forgetting this site.  I’m also continuing my show “Gillespie” airing every Tuesday at 8pm on

Speaking of my show, I want to announce that next week I’m beginning a brand new segment called “Ask a RINO”.  I’m sure you’re familiar with the RINO concept (Republican In Name Only).  Here’s how it works.  Tweet me (@joshgillespie) with your question using the hashtag #askarino.  Or you can use this site’s contact form to submit your question to me.  Each week, I’ll pose them of my expert panel of RINO’s.   Sounds simple enough.

Anway, I’ll catch the site up with previous monologues and episodes of “Gillespie” as soon as possible.

Thanks for sticking around.

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