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We Are Seeing Nancy Pelosi's Final Days As Speaker

*The following was my opening monologue to start my internet radio show “Gillespie” airing Tuesdays at 7pm on  In case you miss the show I will be posting these here every Wednesday following the Tuesday show.*

I think I’m an optimist by nature. I prefer to see the glass as being half-full, and that’s just one of many reasons that I’m a Republican. While I do think some caution is required, my optimism (and my experience) is telling me that Nancy Pelosi’s days as House Speaker are numbered.

Funny thing is, I think Speaker Pelosi knows it as well. She knows that her days as a Queen, reigning over “The Most Ethical Congress Ever” are coming to an end come this November. Even better, most Democrats know it as well. Heck, I suspect even TOTUS knows this, though I’m not sure he’s gonna tell the President.

Because of this, I think it’s rather obvious that Speaker Pelosi is scrambling at this very moment, scrambling to find a way to cement her legacy as the first female Speaker in history. Coming from The People’s Republic of San Francisco has some debts to pay to all of her far-left supporters who’ve made her brief reign possible.

Add to that fact the reality that a large number of sitting House Democrats are going to lose their seats and retire to a life of lobbying for unions or returning to ambulance chasing, we’re staring a very real and very awful reality in the face.

The likelihood that Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi’s far-left agenda will be rammed down our nation’s throats via what is known as a “lame-duck session”, meaning a session that would include a number of House members who have already lost their seats, but who have the chance to leave behind some real nasty “stink bombs” for their successors, and ultimately for us as a nation.

Of course, our friends on the left are attempting to brush this all off as some sort of crazy conspiracy, or mere paranoia. In fact, Democratic Congressman Chris Van Hollen actually used the term “paranoia” while actually denying that Democrats were planning to vote on any controversial legislation. However, just like the character in the novel Catch 22 said: “Just because I’m paranoid doesn’t mean everyone isn’t out to get me”. In other words, just because we’re paranoid, as a number of Democrats are claiming, doesn’t mean there isn’t something to this.

How do I know this? White House Advisor Carol Browner recently suggested on a Sunday morning talks show that the administration could try to revive the stalled “cap and trade” legislation during a lame duck session.

Senator Harry Reid has already outlined a plan for a lame-duck session. In addition to spending bills, Reid has suggested he might seek to enact a new round of loans and tax breaks for small businesses. He has also spoken about trying to implement rapidly some of the recommendations put forward by the deficit-reduction commission that President Obama appointed, and whose findings are due to be submitted by December 1.

So, we have two options to deal with when considering the whole idea of a lame-duck session. One is we can simply trust Democrats in Congress when they say that there won’t be any controversial items voted on during a lame-duck. Surely we can take Congressman Van Hollen at his word when he states, “It’s a made-up issue. There’s no plan to do any kind of big, controversial legislation.” Because, we all know that we can trust Democrats when they tell us that that there’s nothing to fear here, right?  I mean, considering how the Healthcare Reform bill was rammed through the Senate on a technicality, we can look at the record of Democrats in Congress and see lots there to trust.

Yeah, and I’ve got some more Hope and Change for you if you actually believe that nonsense.

But I’ve got something for you to chew on for a second. Right now, Congress is in summer recess, but they’ll be back September 14th. From September 14th until November 2nd is about a month and a half. That’s enough time for the Democrats to ram through their extremist agenda, which should be more than enough time. Interestingly enough, they aren’t.

So, that means no Cap-and-Trade to increase your utility bills and put more people out of work. No bills to institute a brand-new tax, this time the so-called “Value Added Tax” that Democrats are calling for. No “Card Check” bill, which would virtually strip an employee’s rights in the workplace regarding unionization.

You’d think a month would be plenty of time to turn this nation into the People’s Republic of America, but the Democrats on the Hill are chickening out. What do I mean by “chickening out”? They won’t try to put those bills to a vote before the election BECAUSE THEY KNOW THE AMERICAN PEOPLE ARE AGAINST THEM. They know that passing such extremist legislation would turn an already bleak election cycle into an Armageddon the likes of which Democrats haven’t seen since Walter Mondale in 1984. So, instead, they’ll try and wait until this so-called “lame duck” session when Democrats in the House have already been voted out and have lost any trace of accountability to their constituents before continuing our march into Socialism.

This type of sneak attack on American values will be the lasting legacy of the Pelosi Congress, even beyond the endless parade of ethics investigations arising from the “most ethical Congress ever”.

That’s why Bill Clinton once said: “You know, it’s just one small step from legacy to lame duck.” In this case, it’s almost one and the same.

But, let’s play “Congressman for a day” for a second, shall we? What would we actually do if we could pretend that we were in charge for a day? I don’t mean “we” as in “Republicans”, I mean “we” as in you and I. What would we do if I were Speaker Josh Gillespie and you were a fellow Member of Congress?

How about reforming our tax code in order to maximize revenue while at the same time, reducing the burdens on Americans? Why not look at lowering our corporate tax burden, which at 40%, is the second highest in the world? Did you know that the average corporate tax rate for members of the OECD is only 26%? What impact would you imagine that having such a high tax rate might be having on our corporations? While we’re at it, why not eliminate our current practice of taxing corporate income that’s earned overseas? Anyone want to ponder whether that might have something to do with why so many corporations are moving overseas?

Here’s another suggestion: Let’s stop taxing so many businesses as individuals and instead include them in our lowered corporate tax rate. Considering that small businesses are the engine behind job growth in this country, I’m guessing that might have an impact.

While we’re at it, let’s eliminate the Death Tax once and for all. Why does it make sense to tax income when it’s earned, and then tax it again when you die? Eliminating this harmful tax will certainly help spur economic recovery, put unemployed Americans back to work, as well as increase the long-term growth potential of the economy. Most importantly, repealing it would restore the American Dream that if you work hard and live a virtuous life, you can pass the fruits of your labor to succeeding generations of your family without fear that the government will take it away from them. That’s the America that many generations have dreamed of living in.

You see friends, these are actual ideas, and ones that we can prove work and ones that will begin to turn things around in this country. These are the ideas that spring forth from the fertile soil of a free people living in a free nation. Even better, these are ideas that wouldn’t require a sneaky and shadowy lame duck session run by people who’ve just lost their grip on power and have literally nothing to lose if their policies continue to shove this country further down the abyss.

These are just a few of my thoughts and ideas. I invite you to join me over at to continue this discussion and I hope you’ll share with me some of your own ideas for how we can begin to right this glorious ship we all live on.

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