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Mike Pence Is Going to Iowa

With all the news that Mike Pence is making going around Indiana campaigning for state and federal candidates, one might think he’s running for governor.  But if you check out his campaign page, Pence just wrapped up a “Midwest Barnstorming Tour” visiting Ohio, Michigan, West Virginia, Pennsylvania and Maryland.  But doing a little searching, I found that Mike Pence is heading to (drum roll please…..) Iowa!

Fresh off of a rousing speech Pence gave to the Values Voters Conference (and subsequent straw poll victory) Mike Pence will be headlining Friends of the Family Awards Banquet to take place on October 2nd.

This will only serve to spur more speculation that Pence is taking a stab at running for president.  But consider this: Republicans are in prime position to not only take back the U.S. House, but here in Indiana, take back the State House.  Mike Pence has the ability to leverage his position of influence in the U.S. House to help candidates around the country, but his appeal here in Indiana could clearly help some State House candidates as we desperately need to win back the State House.  We’re looking at the next budget cycle, redistricting and a fight for state’s rights against a liberally led federal government that only seeks to serve itself by granting itself more power over our daily lives.

So the question is (and one that I keep getting asked) is Mike Pence running for Governor or President?  To which I respond, you tell me.  Because a case can be made for either.

All of this said, we should consider ourselves lucky here in Indiana that we have two people whose names are being legitimately tossed out as top White House contenders.

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