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Thanks for Making 2010 a Great Year!

What a year 2010 was!

After the launch of in mid-June of this year, I was also able to take the old HoosierAccess podcast to a new level when I joined the team over at  After weeks of figuring out when the show was going to launch, “Gillespie” first premiered on June 29th, 2010.  With my crew of Kristee Kelley, Mark Warner and Mike Jezierski a local conservative voice went national…so to speak.  It is internet radio after all.  But much of that couldn’t have been done without the backing and the confidence of Fingers Malloy and Thomas LaDuke.  With their support and the efforts of my team, “Gillespie” has a growing audience and a better time slot.  And 2011 promises to bring more excitement.

I was also able to attend my first blogging conference when I went to the “Smart Girl Summit” in September.  I was finally able to meet many of the faces (or avatars) I knew from twitter and was able to deepen friendships.  Every time I go back out to Washington, D.C. continue to connect with people that I already knew.

Also, I was recently promoted at my job from being a New Media Director to Press Secretary.  I am very grateful for the confidence and the loyalty my boss has shown in me.  He has meant a lot to where I am today whether he realizes it or not.  (I started out as an intern in his office almost 10 years ago.)  And after a stressful, yet victorious primary, I am still able to help be a part, in my own way, of the growth of the 5th Congressional District of Indiana.

Finally, my wife and I celebrated seven years of marriage this year.  She is still as wonderful and lovely today as the first day I met her.  We have three wonderful (and rowdy) children that continually keep us on our toes and her confidence in me to let me pursue my passions and interests has been a constant source of encouragement.

Many other things have happened too (such as being named 5th District YR Chair, being re-elected as Hancock County YR Vice Chair, the continued growth of Hoosier Access thanks in large part to Mark Warner and Emily Borkholder, being part of the Pence Bus, participating in the Indiana Family Institute’s 2010 Hoosier Congressional Policy Leadership Series and the huge wins for Republicans in the 2010 mid-term elections) that it’s hard to write about everything.

Thank you everyone for making 2010 a year to remember.  2011 promises to be even better!

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