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Joe Donnelly Laments National Debt…of 2007

I love Democrats.  Really, I do.  Because it’s instances like this that increase my hopes that the GOP will take, at least, the House back in November led by people like Jackie Walorski.  Check out Joe Donnelly’s concerns about our “current national debt” on his website under under the tab “fiscal responsibility”.

That’s nice rhetoric and all especially considering  his budget busting vote for government run health care isn’t even part of the national debt yet.  But  the funny thing is, his website says that the national debt is estimated to be over $8 trillion…which was true…when Joe Donnelly took office…in 2007 and more like $5 trillion over the $8 trillion he mentions.  It’s not like it’s hard to double check what our current debt is.  The internets have even been so kind as to provide widgets for people to put on their websites.

The Gross National Debt

Then, of course, there is that giant National Debt Clock in New York that keeps a running tally of the debt.  To top it off, there is a website where all it does is show a running tally of our current national debt and how it breaks down.  You would think that this would make updating a campaign website that much easier.  Of course, there is nothing like campaigning like it’s 2006, when Republicans were in control and you can own up to nothing, than campaigning like it’s 2010 and some of your votes have been directly responsible for the debt being that high.  Especially when those votes led to the third highest jump in our national debt in our nation’s history.  And need I remind Joe that and the voters that when the Democrats took control of Congress in 2006, the national debt was $5 trillion dollars LOWER?  The debt is bad, don’t get me wrong, but to skyrocket over $1 trillion dollars a year is astounding!

Let’s just say Joe may want to get someone to update his site a little more frequently.

Allow to take this opportunity to urge you to support Jackie Walorski who is running against Joe Donnelly.

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