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Interview with Congressman Paul Gosar of Arizona

I had the pleasure of interviewing Republican Congressman Paul Gosar from Arizona on my show this week.  The timing couldn’t have been better to have him on.  Congressman Gosar and I discussed some of the major issues coming out of Washington this week including the Supreme Court’s ruling on the Arizona law known as “SB 1070”, their immigration law.  We talked about how the decision will affect Arizona’s ability to police the border as well as ways and when we can expect Congress to act on the issue of immigration.

Also, Congressman Gosar is also member of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee.  Last week the Oversight Committee passed contempt charges against U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder because of his unwillingness to cooperate fully in the Committee’s investigation of the gun running program known as “Fast and Furious”.  Gosar discusses the investigation and the possible vote before the full congress, expected to take place this Thursday.


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