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ICYMI: Debating Indiana's Automatic Tax Refund

Who would think that getting money BACK from the government would be a controversial thing or even a bad thing?  Apparently Democrats.  Last Thursday, Jennifer Wagner and I took our places on the set of Fox59’s Face Off to debate the origin and the dispersion of Indiana’s massive surplus and the automatic tax refund that comes with it to every tax payer in Indiana.

The big picture behind all of this, however, is that Indiana is living within its means.  Indiana is the fiscal envy of the nation because we’ve paid down debt and have not only a surplus, but a massive surplus, that is resulting in an automatic taxpayer refund.  The Democrats want to say that money has been taken away from education, but Indiana spends a larger percentage of its state budget on education than any state in the nation, over 50 percent.  Furthermore, when John Gregg, the Democrats candidate for governor this year, was Speaker of the House, Gregg, along with then Democratic governor Frank O’Bannon were delaying payments to schools and local governments in order to finance their spending addictions.

Times are different these days.  The Indiana unemployment rate is dropping, our debts are paid, Indiana is living within its means, as Hoosiers need to do to survive and because of all that, we have a surplus.  It’s a good time to be a Hoosier.

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