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ICYMI: Debating the New Campaign Ads of Mike Pence and Joe Donnelly

This week’s Face Off segment got a little testy, but hey, there’s a lull in the political season and we need to keep things interesting right?! Well, Jennifer Wagner and I certainly made discussing campaign ads interesting.  In this hotly contested match we debated the merits and the messages behind the newest ads from gubernatorial candidate Mike Pence and U.S. Senate candidate Joe Donnelly.

Here’s the thing, if all you have against Richard Mourdock is to call him a “tea party crazy”, then your candidate doesn’t have much to go on.  Joe Donnelly has a record to stand on that include voting for the auto and bank bailouts, the bloated stimulus package that packed in a bunch of empty promises, while voting for the single largest middle class tax increase in Obamacare.  Then he doubled down on that tax by voting against repeal.

One other key stat to keep in mind, when Joe Donnelly, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid took over the both chambers of Congress in 2007, just five short years ago, the National Debt stood at $8,670,596,242,973.04.  The National Debt today stands at over $15.8 TRILLION dollars. Are we sure we want to send Joe Donnelly to the US Senate when the Democratic leadership there hasn’t passed a budget in over three years?

Now who is crazy?

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