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Hypocrisy and Bull: In Brad Ellsworth's Case, It's One and the Same

Oh, Brad Ellsworth.  When you make an ad attacking special interests and the run off to Canada to take special interest money, it’s a good idea not to get video taped doing it.  That removes all plausible deniabilty.

Via Hot Air:

A week after releasing the ad, Ellsworth got spotted in Vancouver schmoozing with trial lawyers at a convention, looking for some funding for his race against Dan Coats in an attempt to get within 20 points of the Republican candidate. The NRSC has some fun with Ellsworth’s claims of eschewing special interests while hobnobbing with an interest group so unpopular outside of Democratic leadership that they had to change their name in 2006.

Now Brad “Don’t call me Congressman, call me Sheriff” Ellsworth look like a hypocrite and a liar who is full of complete bull. It will be interesting to see how his campaign spins this.

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