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Howard Dean Gets Owned by Chris Wallace

The Shirley Sherrod story is on it’s last media legs, but that didn’t keep Newt Gingrich and Howard Dean from discussing it on FNC this weekend.  As we can expect, Dean plays the “racist” card on Fox News.  That card deck is a gift that keeps on giving to Democrats.  But as you will see below Howard Dean get owned big time. Also, listen for the zinger by Newt at the very end.

Allah Pundit on Hot Air wondered:

A mystery: If he’s intent on pushing this line in order to score a few points on the enemy in the last few hours of this week’s Sherrod news cycle, why on earth would he do it on Fox? CNN would have let him get away with it and MSNBC would have cheered him on. Instead, by trying it on Wallace, he walks into a rhetorical doorknob.

I have no answer for question, but remember, this is Howard Dean. YEEEEEAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!

(H/T – Hot Air Via Hostage Hoosier’s twitter feed)

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