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In June of 2007, the political blogosphere in Indiana was dominated by two sites that were maintained by blindy-hapeople who worked for the two major political parties.  “Frugal Hoosiers”, the Republican blog, though anonymous, was widely known to be written by people working for the State GOP and by those working for the Mitch Daniels administration, though the blog denied ties to either.  The other, “Taking Down Words” was written and operated, quite openly, by the State Democratic Party Communications Director.  There was a sea of smaller, lesser known blogs, but the timing was right for another kind of blog to emerge.

That June, Josh Gillespie and Greg Magnuson exchanged ideas on what an ideal political blog would be like.  Since they were of the conservative stripe, the blog would end up having a conservative angle, but it would not shy from taking on their own party in addition to the Democrats.  It would appeal to a broader audience and introduce aspects to the Indiana blogosphere rarely exploited.  This would include regular podcasts and audio and video interviews.  It would integrate Facebook and later Twitter in hopes to target a larger, more social media savvy audience.  With the help of three others, Scott Fluhr, Jim Banks and Brian Sikma, would launch in August 1st, 2007 with insights from recognized bloggers and political operatives.  From there, HoosierAccess has grown and increased in reputation as a blog that is willing to support conservative ideals and challenge it’s own party when they have seen missteps.

As HoosierAccess has grown it has also expanded by partnering with national grassroots organizations like American Majority and FreedomWorks to host grassroots training events in Indianapolis as well hosting the first live streamed U.S. Senate Primary debate in Indiana history.  HoosierAccess has also covered grassroots events across the country, including CPAC, BlogCon and the Smart Girl Summit.

Over the years, HoosierAccess has refined itself, gone through four different site designs and now boasts over fifteen contributors, predominately from Indiana.  It covers local, state and federal politics, has solid relationships with statehouse and congressional staffers and routinely features exclusive op-eds from state and federally elected officials from Indiana and around the country.  It has also been deeply involved in the grassroots politics movement in Indiana and nationally.  This is why HoosierAccess has been recognized, both locally and nationally as one of the best political blogs.

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