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I Hate to Say “I Told You So”…Well No, I Don’t.

Remember this gem of a quote from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi regarding the contents of the recently passed health care bill?

For months, Republicans argued that millions of dollars in tax increases were in the bill.  That much we were assured of.  But the Obama Administration continued to say that their plan would lover costs people would be able to keep their existing coverage except that…well…they were wrong on both counts according to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).

You think that’s bad, here are a few other items of interest:

  • Uninsured and those employers who don’t offer coverage will pay $120 billion in taxes.
  • National health care expenditures will increase by $311 billion.
  • Health care increases to 21 percent of GDP by 2019.
  • ObamaCare spends more than $828 billion for health care coverage. (CMS didn’t analyze all the tax increases, such as HSAs, FSAs, increasing the AGI threshold, etc.)
  • The government will spend $410 billion to expand Medicaid.
  • Medicaid enrollment increases by 20 million new beneficiaries.
  • 18 million people will be uninsured (excluding 5 million illegal immigrants).
  • 50 percent of seniors will lose their Medicare Advantage plans.
  • Some of the Medicare cost-control mechanisms may not be sustainable.
  • Community Living Assistance Services and Supports (CLASS) will run a deficit in 15 years.
  • The $5 billion for High Risk Pools is not enough.
  • Doctors may drop out of Medicare because of the changes in Medicare reimbursement rates.
  • Medicare “savings” may be difficult to achieve.

That doesn’t come from Republicans.  That comes from the President’s own people.  Our country was sold a bill of goods we can’t afford.  Taxes will be increased beginning this year and will continue to be increased until 2017 at the very least.  This is why we need to get behind a repeal and replace strategy for health care.  The one thing we have to understand is, with Obama as president repeal is impossible without a 2/3 veto overriding vote in the House and Senate.  However, legislation can be passed to slow it down over the course of the next two years before it goes into full effect.  But we need a Republican majority in the House and the Senate to pull that off.  That means we need to get Jackie Walorski, the winners of the 8th and 9th and the Senate race to victory in November.

At the Washington Township Lincoln Day Dinner in Marin County, Congressman Mike Pence was the speaker.  He mentioned that Democrats in Washington are saying that if they can hold onto the majority this year, they will hold it for twenty years.  If that doesn’t put the fear of God into you, I don’t know what does.  I encourage you to invest in the candidate of your choice now, but regardless of who wins on May 4th, invest in the Republican ticket.  What you see above can be changed, but it’s going to take a lot on our part to make it happen.

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