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Daniels/Bosma to House Democrats: How About You Get Back To Work

Today’s stunt (let’s be honest, that’s what it was) by House Democrats to flee, not just Indianapolis, but the state, in a silly attempt to keep from doing any work and participate in the democratic process of legislating, was met with general disdain, not just from Republican legislators, but from constituents as well.  Now the Democrats want concessions or else they’re just going to stay in their cozy little hotel room in Urbana, Illinois.  Well, Governor Daniels and Speaker Brian Bosma won’t have any part of it, instead demanding that Democrats do their job and report to work:

“The minority leader and House Democrats have fled to Urbana, Illinois and have issued a long list of bills Republicans must agree to kill or they will not return. With this list of demands, the Democrats should stay in Illinois.

“We will not concede to a list of demands. Instead, we expect Democrats to return to do the work they were elected to do. If they are unwilling to do so they should step down and be replaced with individuals willing to participate in the democratic process.

“I have been in contact with Governor Daniels, and he is as resolved as I am to deal with the important issues before the General Assembly through open debate and voting, and not by negotiating a list of demands with those who have left the state.

“Republicans were elected by Hoosiers to lead our state and we will continue to work daily regardless of the irresponsible actions of our colleagues.”

As one reporter in Illinois said “Whatever happened to negotiating a solution? It seems lately everyone just wants to run and hide.”

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