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View From the "Tweet Seats": The State of the State in Pictures

Last night I had the pleasure of joining Gerry Dick of “Inside Indiana Business” Tom Schumann from the Indiana Chamber of Commerce, Scott Wise of Scotty’s Brewhouse and representatives of Hoosier Veterans Assistance Foundation for what might have been the first “tweet seats” to a State of the State address.  We were also afforded time prior […]

A Front Row "Tweet Seat" to Mike Pence's First State of the State

For the past few years I have had the privilege through my work via Hoosier Access to live blog and live tweet the State of the State address.  With that, I have also had the opportunities for one on one post address interviews with then Lieutenant Governor Becky Skillman as well as Republican Speaker of […]

ICYMI: Debating the New Campaign Ads of Mike Pence and Joe Donnelly

This week’s Face Off segment got a little testy, but hey, there’s a lull in the political season and we need to keep things interesting right?! Well, Jennifer Wagner and I certainly made discussing campaign ads interesting.  In this hotly contested match we debated the merits and the messages behind the newest ads from gubernatorial […]

Mike Pence Is Going to Iowa

With all the news that Mike Pence is making going around Indiana campaigning for state and federal candidates, one might think he’s running for governor.  But if you check out his campaign page, Pence just wrapped up a “Midwest Barnstorming Tour” visiting Ohio, Michigan, West Virginia, Pennsylvania and Maryland.  But doing a little searching, I […]

What is Mike Pence Up To?

As we approach the November mid-term elections talk continues to swirl of a GOP takeover of, at least, the House.  Regardless of what happens, there is sure to be a shakeup in leadership for the House Republicans.  While Politico likes to stir the pot of a possible behind the scenes riff between Republican Leader John […]