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Richard Mourdock's Abortion Comments and Joe Donnelly's Sophistry

This week, I pulled double duty on WIBC.  First I made my regular pre-presidential debate visit.  The Presidential debate came and went. Most of us who watched it were probably fighting sleep as it failed to yield the fireworks the previous two Presidential debates and the vice presidential debates did.  But leave it to my […]

ICYMI: Debating the New Campaign Ads of Mike Pence and Joe Donnelly

This week’s Face Off segment got a little testy, but hey, there’s a lull in the political season and we need to keep things interesting right?! Well, Jennifer Wagner and I certainly made discussing campaign ads interesting.  In this hotly contested match we debated the merits and the messages behind the newest ads from gubernatorial […]

Joe Donnelly Has Hung Us Out To Dry

Need more proof of Joe Donnelly’s economically devastating decisions in Congress?

The Economically Devastating Legacy of Joe Donnelly

Many (still) want to blame George W. Bush for the current state of economy.  Aside from the fact that couldn’t be further from the truth, Democrats like Joe Donnelly (Baron Hill and Brad Ellsworth) tend to want to forget that Democrats took control of Congress after the 2006 mid-term elections.  What liberals like Joe need […]

The Real Joe Donnelly

First, Joe Donnelly (IN-02) goes around trying to convince voters he’s an independent minded Democrat who is running away from the Obama/Pelosi agenda in Washington even though he’s taken loads of their money.  Then, DNC Chair Tim Kaine goes on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace and outs Joe Donnelly for being the liberal he […]

DNC Chair Calls Joe Donnelly Crazy

November can’t come fast enough, but it’s spots like these that make me smile.  Democratic National Committee Chair Tom Kaine calls Democrats, like Joe Donnelly, crazy from running away from “who they are”.  So Tim Kaine basically says that what Joe Donnelly is saying in his ad is crazy because he’s not what he says […]

Donnelly Denies His Leaders on TV, But Happily Takes Their Money

Have you seen this? Works for us?  Really?  I hear something like that and I feel like playing a little game called “Follow the Money!”  When we follow the money on Joe Donnelly, what do you we find?  Well, since 2007, we find quite of bit cash come from the most liberal leadership in Washington. […]

Joe Donnelly Finally Updates His Website…With Nothing

It didn’t take long after my first post to get Joe Donnelly’s campaign’s attention.  They promptly updated their website removing the incorrect national debt number by replacing it with absolutely nothing. The irony is that he didn’t just fix a number, he deleted his entire page on fiscal responsibility.  Of course when you examine his […]

Joe Donnelly Laments National Debt…of 2007

I love Democrats.  Really, I do.  Because it’s instances like this that increase my hopes that the GOP will take, at least, the House back in November led by people like Jackie Walorski.  Check out Joe Donnelly’s concerns about our “current national debt” on his website under under the tab “fiscal responsibility”. That’s nice rhetoric […]