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ICYMI: Recapping Primary Night Coverage of the #INSEN Race

It was a busy night this past primary.  I was pulling double duty first doing a special “Snark Factor” with Fingers Malloy and, then heading over to the Fox59 studios to recap what had just taken place, which was a stunning victory by Richard Mourdock against incumbent Senator  Dick Lugar. Lugar’s loss marked the […]

ICYMI – Debating Key Races in Indiana's Upcoming Primary

On this week’s “Face Off” on Fox59, I debate the possible results for Indiana’s upcoming primary with Jennifer Wagner.  We agree on the possible U.S. Senate outcome, but we discuss other primaries going on around the state.

In Case You Missed It – Jennifer Wagner and I Debated High Gas Prices & Their Effect on Obama

I had posted this video in a longer more in-depth post yesterday, but in case you missed it, here’s the video: Now, after watching that, read this.

BlogCon Indy Sponsored by FreedomWorks

This past weekend I had the pleasure of being able to speak at BlogCon Indy sponsored by FreedomWorks.It was blogger and activist training weekend that helped give basic tips for the use of twitter, podcasting and well as getting to know bloggers I haven’t met before.  It was a great weekend to meet new people […]

ICYMI: I was listed as one of best state based political tweeters by WaPo

In case you missed it: On Monday of this week, Chris Cillizza of the Washington Post put out his list of the best (or his favorite) state based political tweeters, or as it was known on Twitter #fixfavtweeters.  You had to be nominated by someone else to even be considered for the list.  In all […]