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What is the Club for Growth Thinking?!

It might be an off year in most of the country and here in Indiana, but apparently that doesn’t mean there can’t be a little early blood drawn in potential GOP primaries.  As we have become all too aware in recent years, there is no offseason in elections anymore.  The next round of primaries start […]

Interview with Sean Bielat Congressional Candidate from Massachusetts

For this week’s show, I had a chance to speak with congressional candidate Sean Bielat from Massachusetts.  Sean made his mark in politics in 2010 when he ran an upstart campaign against 28 year incumbent Barney Frank.  Sean beat all expectations and came extremely close to knock off Congressman Frank.  Sean is running again this […]

ICYMI – Debating Key Races in Indiana's Upcoming Primary

On this week’s “Face Off” on Fox59, I debate the possible results for Indiana’s upcoming primary with Jennifer Wagner.  We agree on the possible U.S. Senate outcome, but we discuss other primaries going on around the state.

Why the Tax Compromise is a Good Thing

One of my HA colleagues wrote a post siding against the tax compromise.  That’s fine and all, but I’m here to tell you why the tax compromise is a good idea*. First and foremost, the existing tax cuts are extended for EVERYONE.  Not just the upper class, or the middle class or the lower class.  For […]

Real or Fake? Your Federal Stimulus Dollars at Work

I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. (H/T Raz Shafer via Ned Ryun…in all honesty, I got the video from their twitter feeds, but I thought you should click over to their sites as you really should check them out.  Those are sites you want to read regularly.  You can find their twitter links […]

House Conference Hammering Dems on Budget Cancellation

The House Republican Conference chaired by Mike Pence released this new web ad hitting House Democrats hard for doing something that hasn’t ever been done by Congress in the modern era; pass a budget. What’s the basic function of Congress, particularly the House? Oh, that’s right. Create and pass a budget.