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Sorry, it’s been since before the election since I updated  Clearly a failure on my part.  But, in my defense I got a promotion at my job and I’ve been a little busy.  That said, I’m not forgetting this site.  I’m also continuing my show “Gillespie” airing every Tuesday at 8pm on Speaking […]

Dana Perino and Mark Tapson Will Be My Guests Tonight on "Gillespie"

Make sure to tune into tonight at 7pm for a special episode of Gillespie.  Tonight, my guests will be former White House Press Secretary to President George W. Bush and current Fox News Contributor, Dana Perino and Big Hollywood contributor Mark Tapson.  We’ll also be discussing Governor Daniels and his latest thoughts on reforming […]

Gillespie on Tonight at 7pm!

Make sure to catch “Gillespie” on tonight and every Tuesday at 7pm! Tonight’s topics include: Financial regulatory reform Increasing pervasiveness of the nanny state FEC filings Potential 2012 GOP presidential candidates This week’s “Tuesday Evening Stupid” It’s going to be a fun show.

"Gillespie" Episode 2 Airs Tonight on at 7pm

We have a special episode of “Gillespie” on FTR tonight at 7pm.  Our guests include Congressman John Fleming, M.D. of Louisiana and an intense and eye opening conversation with Jason Weiss of “Stop Child Trafficking Now“. Congressman Fleming will give us an update on the Gulf Oil spill as well a national health care legislation […]

"Gillespie" Premieres Tonight at 7PM on FTR Radio

Tonight is the inaugural broadcast of “Gillespie” on FTR Radio.  What is “Gillespie” you’re asking?  It’s my newest venture into online broadcasting.  This time, I’m bringing a rock and roll attitude and working with a solid team of fellow Hoosier Access contributors Kristee Kelley, Mark Warner and Mike Jezierski while talking about politics and culture. […]