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Brad Ellsworth's Hand is Caught in the Special Interest Cookie Jar

Brad Ellsworth’s campaign has become a bit of farce.  This much has been clear as he can’t run on any particular issue because he’s on the wrong side of Obamacare and any form of policy that promotes legitimate private sector job growth.  He likes to claim that Dan Coats is in the back pocket of special interests because he worked as a lobbyist.

But Brad Ellsworth’s straw man argument falls flat on it’s face as he fled to Canada to raise money from trial lawyers and now the Center for Public Integrity is exposing more of the “I was against the stimulus before I was for it” crowd.  Brad Ellsworth seems to be highlighted:

Many Democratic leaders who had boasted they prevented lawmakers from inserting special spending requests in the stimulus law when it passed also engaged in the behind-the-scenes letter writing to secure funding afterwards, including Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.

Rep. Brad Ellsworth, the Indiana Democrat now running for U.S. Senate, originally voted against the stimulus plan but later came around to cautiously supporting it. He collected $6,500 in donations from Duke Energy’s political action committee in the months just before and after he wrote an August 2009 letter supporting the utility giant’s ultimately successful request for an Energy Department grant, the Center found. Ellsworth’s office declined comment.

Let’s never forget where Brad Ellsworth really stands on special interests.

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