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One Thing is For Sure, Brad Ellsworth Knows His Bull

Brad Ellsworth has started airing ads to remind Democrats he’s the Democrat candidate for senate.  He’s primarily running his ad in northwest Indiana.  Some might see that as reassuring his base.  But one has to wonder why he has to start so early in reassuring that base.  Is there something about which to be concerned?

All that aside, Ellsworth opens his newest ad with this catchy statement: “Twenty five years as sheriff has taught him to have zero tolerance for bull.”   What he seems to forget, is that only four years as a congressman has either completely eroded that tolerance or has taught him the fine art of spin.  Consider in that four short years Ellsworth has voted for:

Ellsworth has also continued to support the leadership of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi who gave us this gem of a quote before the health care bill was passed.

Ellsworth may know “bull” when he sees or hears it, but a zero tolerance to it is something he certainly doesn’t have.

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