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“Brad the Beautiful” Has Love/Hate Relationship With Government Bailouts

What’s up with Brad the Beautiful?  He needs to get a hold of his web handlers because their outing him as a bailout loving stimulus supporting liberal while also making the claim that he’s against those same bailouts he voted to approve.

Currently Ellsworth has posted on his website an article from the Elkhart Truth from April 6th that happens to include these quotes:

He supported the nearly $800 billion economic stimulus package and bailouts of the banking and auto industry…

Ellsworth said he believes, too, that time will prove Congress acted rightly when it took drastic steps to save the struggling domestic economy. The stimulus and bailouts have, in his mind, proved to be the appropriate action at the appropriate level.

Then on Friday of last week, Ellsworth tweets:

stop taxpayer funded bailouts

Let’s see, some companies were forced to take bailouts they didn’t need while banks that did “need” them, gave million dollar bonuses of taxpayer money to executives.  Then you have the stimulus that was supposed to produce jobs and stem the tide of job loss in America.  Instead, according to House Minority Whip Eric Cantor said “states have lost a total of 2.9 million jobs between the bill’s enactment last February through December, though the administration projected stimulus would save or create 3.5 million positions.” And currently, the national unemployment rate is still hovering near 10% when President Obama said it wouldn’t go above 8%.

What?!? You mean, Ellsworth wants me to voice my support to him for stopping taxpayer funded bailouts that he voted for? Did Ellsworth have some sort of “Come to Jesus” moment in the span of two and half weeks?  Don’t get me wrong.  I’m all for supporting the end to bailouts for Wall Street.  But the rampant hypocrisy that’s blatantly coming from the Ellsworth camp should make any voters shiver in disgust.

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