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Biden Avoids Ellsworth or is it the Other Way Around?

Say what you want about our Vice President, the fact of the matter is, it’s usually a big deal if he comes to town to stump for you.  Such was the case when he visited Indiana yesterday.  No, not to stump for Brad Ellsworth, but for Baron Hill.

Via Jim Geraghty:

On the veep’s schedule today: “At 12:30 p.m., the Vice President will attend an event for Representative Baron Hill in Jeffersonville, Indiana.”

A fan of GOP Senate nominee Dan Coats notices that either Biden is avoiding Democratic Senate nominee Brad Ellsworth, or Ellsworth is avoiding Biden.

According to a recent poll, Baron Hill is in the fight for his life down in Southern Indiana against Todd Young. Baron has consistently voted in favor of the Obama/Pelosi big spending and government interventionism so it would appear that Baron Hill is worthy of the Vice President.

Then again, Brad Ellsworth is a fight for his very political career running against Dan Coats to replace Evan Bayh in the senate. In every head to head poll since Ellsworth got in the race, Coats has been crushing the current 8th District Congressman. So a little love coming from the VP would seemingly be in order. Ellsworth too has staked his very career on voting for the Obama/Pelosi budget (oh wait, there is no budget) busting agenda, yet he apparently hasn’t sacrificed enough be granted a visit. Then again, Ellsworth is running his campaign like he’s still a county sheriff instead of congressman so aligning himself with an increasingly unpopular president with an unpopular agenda and Biden who just called a small businessman a smart*** for daring to question the President and Veep’s tax policies, might not be a bad thing to avoid.

Or even Brad Ellsworth can read the tea leaves that Baron Hill apparently can’t, and even he knows that Joe Biden doesn’t necessarily draw the love from voters.

Either way, it’s pretty interesting to see how this played out.

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