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My Appearance on Fox59 Debating the Indy Election Results

In case you missed it last night, Jen Wagner and I were on Fox 59 last night to debate the results of the Indianapolis Mayor’s race between Republican Mayor Greg Ballard and Democratic challenger Melina Kennedy.  In the second half of the segment Fox 59 anchor Fanchon Stinger asks me what the first thing Mayor Ballard needs to do tomorrow (meaning today).  Basically I said he needs to stay the course of what he’s doing.  The fact is, according to last week’s WISH-TV/Franklin College poll, fifty-five percent of the voters surveyed believe Indianapolis is headed in the right direction. The Indy Star’s Matt Tully expanded further this sentiment in his election wrap-up this morning when he wrote:

Even the lack of an agenda for a second term didn’t bother voters.

In winning, the Cathedral High School graduate has created a template for other executive branch candidates to use in cities — or even states — that don’t lean in their directions: Just do the job.

Pave the streets. Balance the budgets. Reform the police department. Improve basic city services. Look for creative ways to raise money that don’t involve taxes. Remain as nonpolitical as possible. Essentially, that means focusing squarely on the issues that affect daily life.

Voters just want a mayor who will do the job and work with those around him to make the quality of life better and more vibrant.  Mayor Ballard was able to accomplish that and I see him doing more of the same in a second term.

As a side note, the hissing/buzzing you hear in the first few minutes of the video is a result of me leaving my iPhone in my pocket which caused interference with the lapel mic.


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