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Episode 31 of "Gillespie" on

[podcast][/podcast] Episode 31 of “Gillespie” on continues the CPAC Recap.  But first, in my monologue, I discuss the unrest with the unions in Wisconsin and compare the situation to when a newbie Republican Governor named Mitch Daniels took over in Indiana.  From there, Ashley Sewell (the TxTrendy Chick) and I tag team to interview Vikrant […]

Was It a Good Idea For House Democrats to Flee Indiana? Spoiler Alert: NO!

Chris Worden of Indy’s Painfully Objective Political Analysis fame and I squared off yet again on Fox59’s “Face Off” segment.  What can I say?  They love us!  This time we discussed the legitimacy of the Indiana House Democrats fleeing Indiana to escape what they’re paid to do; serve the constituents they were elected to represent. […]

Daniels/Bosma to House Democrats: How About You Get Back To Work

Today’s stunt (let’s be honest, that’s what it was) by House Democrats to flee, not just Indianapolis, but the state, in a silly attempt to keep from doing any work and participate in the democratic process of legislating, was met with general disdain, not just from Republican legislators, but from constituents as well.  Now the […]

Episode 30 of "Gillespie" on

[podcast][/podcast] Episode 30 of “Gillespie” on is a CPAC Recap show. I talk with Glen Asbury about his experience at CPAC and get his perspective on the “presidential” speakers. I also speak with Indiana’s State Treasurer Richard Mourdock who, at the time, was rumored to seeking to run against Senator Richard Lugar in next […]

Episode 29 of Gillespie on

[podcast][/podcast] Episode 29 of “Gillespie” on includes further discussion on Governor Mitch Daniels’ “truce” (hey, guess what people, he’s extremely pro-life…AND his record as governor proves it), plust I’ll be talking Kristee Kellee about social media and politics, plus a special pre-CPAC edition of “Ask a RINO” with Dina Fraioli, John Brodigan and (a […]

Debating Education Reform

A couple of weeks ago, I had the opportunity to appear on the Fox59 news segment “Face Off” where I matched wits with liberal blogger Chris Worden who blogs for “Indiana’s Painfully Objective Political Analysis” or IPOPA. We debated the merits of Governor Mitch Daniels’ education agenda. Due to Indiana’s weather the last few weeks […]

The Coward's Way Out

Yesterday, a man I look up to and admire, a man who gave me my first break into politics, was threatened.  And not just him, but his family as well. Via the Washington Post: INDIANAPOLIS — Indiana State Sen. Mike Delph has received an e-mail saying the man suspected of shooting U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords […]

The Pro-Life Credentials of Mitch Daniels

Much continues to made of Governor Mitch Daniels “truce” statements.  Of course, the howling continues because when it’s brought up he continues to defend it. So what did he say now? Via the National Review: Laura Ingraham asks Mitch Daniels about his “truce” idea and he sticks with it: If you don’t accept that we […]

Episode 28 of "Gillespie" on

[podcast][/podcast] Episode 28 of “Gillespie” on includes a very informative discussion on education reform and school choice with Kristee Kelley and included a truncated interview with former advisor to President Bill Clinton, Dick Morris.  I also speak with the Mayor of Marion, Indiana Wayne Seybold about Marion’s successes and the economic development that is […]