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The Other Side of the White House White Board

It’s election season and the Obama administration is already seeing the writing on the wall.  The hemorrhaging of Democratically held House seats could reach epic proportions on election day and even the Senate might not be safe.  So what is the White House to do?  Throw out Economic Adviser Austan Goolsbee with his white board […]

A Warning for the Future?

Citizens Against Government Waste is set to run a national campaign meant to address our nation’s spending addiction. Chances are you won’t see the ad on the major networks as they will probably take the same stance they did on a similar national campaign ad that was produced by W.R. Grace & Co. in 1986 […]

Episode 16 of "Gillespie" on

[podcast][/podcast] Episode 16 of “Gillespie” on includes a discussion about Mitch Daniels and his suggestion of a Flat/VAT tax, and interview with Dana Perino (former White House Press Secretary to President George W. Bush and current Fox News Contributor) and Mark Tapson (Big Hollywood) in a follow up conversation about “Beyond the Path to 9/11”. […]

Put Your Picket Sign Down and Let's Have an Adult Conversation

There’s a part of me that is beginning to wonder if perhaps President Barack Obama is shrewder than we’ve given him credit for. Sure, his leadership abilities are, shall we say, lacking. He definitely lacks the ability to craft legislation which can actually pass on it’s own merit, curious for a man who’s only political […]

Dana Perino and Mark Tapson Will Be My Guests Tonight on "Gillespie"

Make sure to tune into tonight at 7pm for a special episode of Gillespie.  Tonight, my guests will be former White House Press Secretary to President George W. Bush and current Fox News Contributor, Dana Perino and Big Hollywood contributor Mark Tapson.  We’ll also be discussing Governor Daniels and his latest thoughts on reforming […]

It's Time to Fire Baron Hill Again

Hm, Baron Hill.  He supported: Cap and Trade Obamacare The failing stimulus package (hey Baron, where are the jobs?) …and unemployment has been at or over 9.5% for 15 straight months.  Baron Hill was re-elected to Congress in 2006.  For those in the 9th Congressional District, are you better off today than you were when […]

Brad Ellsworth's Hand is Caught in the Special Interest Cookie Jar

Brad Ellsworth’s campaign has become a bit of farce.  This much has been clear as he can’t run on any particular issue because he’s on the wrong side of Obamacare and any form of policy that promotes legitimate private sector job growth.  He likes to claim that Dan Coats is in the back pocket of […]

Leadership is Certainly Hard to Come By

*The following was my opening monologue to start my internet radio show “Gillespie” airing Tuesdays at 7pm on  In case you miss the show I will be posting these here every Wednesday following the Tuesday show.* Poor Barack Obama. On election night 2008, then President-elect Obama walked out onto a huge stage in Chicago’s […]

Episode 15 of "Gillespie" on

[podcast][/podcast] Episode 15 of “Gillespie” on includes a recap of the Smart Girls Summit in Washington, D.C. and an interview with John Ziegler, director of “Blocking the Path to 9/11“.  Check out the trailer here. Missed previous episodes and want to catch up?  Check out the archive here.

Joe Donnelly Has Hung Us Out To Dry

Need more proof of Joe Donnelly’s economically devastating decisions in Congress?