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November Can't Come Fast Enough

There is a so much here, but I still get a kick out of John Conyers and his nonexistent “good and welfare” clause in the constitution as his reasoning for Congress to mandate the purchase of government run health care. (Hat Tip to Hostage Hoosier at Hoosier Access)

On Mitch Daniels and Leadership

*The following was my opening monologue to start my brand new internet radio show “Gillespie” airing Tuesdays at 7pm on  In case you miss the show I will be posting these here every Wednesday following the Tuesday show.* We’re gonna open this show with an observation about leadership. President Calvin Coolidge once said that […]

Out of Date Alcohol Laws Need to Go

When I was working in Washington, D.C. and living in Virginia I was stunned to find I could find my brew of choice at the local Giant cold and ready for purchase…on a SUNDAY!  Why was I surprised?  After living the first twenty three years of my life here in my wonderful home state of […]

"Gillespie" Premieres Tonight at 7PM on FTR Radio

Tonight is the inaugural broadcast of “Gillespie” on FTR Radio.  What is “Gillespie” you’re asking?  It’s my newest venture into online broadcasting.  This time, I’m bringing a rock and roll attitude and working with a solid team of fellow Hoosier Access contributors Kristee Kelley, Mark Warner and Mike Jezierski while talking about politics and culture. […]

Biden Avoids Ellsworth or is it the Other Way Around?

Say what you want about our Vice President, the fact of the matter is, it’s usually a big deal if he comes to town to stump for you.  Such was the case when he visited Indiana yesterday.  No, not to stump for Brad Ellsworth, but for Baron Hill. Via Jim Geraghty: On the veep’s schedule […]

House Conference Hammering Dems on Budget Cancellation

The House Republican Conference chaired by Mike Pence released this new web ad hitting House Democrats hard for doing something that hasn’t ever been done by Congress in the modern era; pass a budget. What’s the basic function of Congress, particularly the House? Oh, that’s right. Create and pass a budget.

Does Indiana Have a Model State Budget?

Governor Mitch Daniels was on CNBC this morning talking about how Indiana’s budget has been in the black while so many states have been suffering in the red. Governor Daniels is asked if it’s all about cutting taxes or cutting the budget. He says it’s both. It’s amazing to think that while Indiana was in […]

Dee Dee Benkie Lights Up Immigration Debate on Fox News

This past Friday, Dee Dee Benkie appeared on Fox News and destroyed the competition during her segment on Arizona’s immigration law.  She rightfully and forcefully posited that the Obama Administration owes Arizona Governor Jan Brewer an apology after Secretary of State Hillary Clinton told a Latin American news outlet that the federal government plans to […]

Charlie and the Angels: My INGOP Convention Wrapup

This weekend’s Indiana State GOP convention feature three of the hardest working men in politics in Richard Mourdock, Tim Berry and Charlie White.  All three of them were nominated to be our candidates for Treasurer, Auditor and Secretary of State respectively.  But with no offense to Mourdock and Berry or even Governor Mitch Daniels anticipated […]

Mitch Would Reinstate Mexico City Policy

So says Michael Gershon at Real Clear Politics: “I would reinstate the Mexico City policy,” Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels told me, removing an uncertainty of his own creation. Promoting abortion with international family planning funds is one of “a thousand things we shouldn’t be spending money on.” Well, that was quick. Here’s the thing. Social […]