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“Brad the Beautiful” Has Love/Hate Relationship With Government Bailouts

What’s up with Brad the Beautiful?  He needs to get a hold of his web handlers because their outing him as a bailout loving stimulus supporting liberal while also making the claim that he’s against those same bailouts he voted to approve. Currently Ellsworth has posted on his website an article from the Elkhart Truth […]

$670 Billion and Counting…

Remember that pledge that President (then candidate) Obama made to not raise taxes on the middle class?  Neither does he.  According to Ranking Member of the Ways and Means Committee Dave Camp: Since January of 2009, President Obama and Congressional Democrats have enacted into law gross tax increases totaling more than $670 billion, or more […]

I Hate to Say “I Told You So”…Well No, I Don’t.

Remember this gem of a quote from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi regarding the contents of the recently passed health care bill? For months, Republicans argued that millions of dollars in tax increases were in the bill.  That much we were assured of.  But the Obama Administration continued to say that their plan would lover costs […]

SCOTUS Retirement Steals Debate Show

Between Abdul’s debate on Thursday at the War Memorial and the Hoosier Access debate on Saturday at IUPUI, you probably didn’t think much could happen to make the second debate all that interesting.  Well, Justice John Paul Stevens saw to it to make it interesting by announcing his retirement from the highest court in the […]